Kaleidoskopie Values

"What you see is what you get;
Kaleidoskopie will change all that.
Many colors, shapes, and sounds
Our unimagined tinkers have no bounds.
So allow us to free your mind
From the cliches that keep you blind
Kaleidoskopie is the lens you'll see
A brand new world of glee for thee."

There are several principles we hold true here at Kaleidoskopie:
1. All products are 100% handcrafted - While components that make up each product may have been externally procured, the product is guaranteed handmade. For this very reason, some products maybe slightly different than pictured in the online catalog due to availability of vintage material.

2. Upcycling - We are strong believers of upcycling here at Kaleidoskopie. Some products maybe crafted from reused material but please rest assured that all reused material are washed and cleansed prior to being used in our products.