About Us

About Kaleidoskopie

Founded in mid-2010 by Cliff and her husband Desmond as a hobby, Kaleidoskopie got its start in the business by selling handmade gifts at street fairs around Hong Kong. Weekend after weekend the couple would drag around their little suitcase full of products to whichever location an event was held and spend the day peddling visitors with their one of a kind gift items. With every inquiry, their confidence grew. It was middle of December 2010 when Cliff finally caved into the idea Desmond had been selling her for quite sometime - open a store and make Kaleidoskopie an actual business. They bootstrapped every possible aspect and did the labor wherever they could. In fact, they finished furnishing the store's interior in 24 non-stop hours of labor. Voila! Kaleidoskopie opened its doors for business on the first day of 2011 and the rest is, as they say, history.

About Cliff and Desmond

Cliff and Desmond are American expats from San Francisco. In 2009, they decided to pack their belongings into 2 suitcases and move to Hong Kong on a whim. There weren't any plans in place. There certainly were no jobs waiting for them in Hong Kong. But they felt it was time to move on and take on a new challenge. 

Cliff studied graphic design at San Jose State University in California. She graduated from the prestigious Bachelor of Fine Art program. Upon graduation, Cliff worked as an in-house designer at several global corporations where she build a strong understanding of market demand for design driven products. Her work experience also gave her precious opportunities to hone her design acumen.

Desmond, a graduate of the UC Berkeley's Operations Research & Management Science program, is obviously not in charge of design at Kaleidoskopie. But for everything else Desmond plays a critical role. From rolling up his sleeves to help furnish the interior of Kaleidoskopie's first retail store to writing the descriptions of each product for the website, Desmond is the go-to utility man at the company.